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Partition The Hard Drive Of Your Computer.

Partition the hard drive is one way that can be used to share the hard disk into multiple drives are recognized in all the operating system but with adjustments to the file system used. Partitioning is done so that there is no separation between files which is always running and files that are not always running. This was done because of the possibility of a single computer; there are two different operating systems. If you use a computer operating system will be installed based on open source then it should be done when the partition is the operating system will be installed. If you are Microsoft operating system users, it helps you use the latest systems, window 7. Because one of the advantages of Windows 7, is able to create disk partitions safely without using additional software eg Norton partition magic, partition manager ranish, Eazeus Partition Manager and there are still others. Here's how to partition and format the hard drive in Windows 7
*    Click the Start
*    Right click on Computer
*    Click Manage, click Disk Management continued with
*    In the middle of the bottom of the window please select the drive that has not been partitioned.
*    Right-click on the white box below the thick black line and select New Simple Volume
Click Next, it would seem clear that the hard drive capacity.
*    Then divide this hard drive into two partitions so I have to split the 2 hard drive capacity is the maximum value in Simple volume size in MB, for example 300/2 = 150 000. After that click next.
*    Next again, and click Finish

If there is a problem that caused some of the definitions are not detected while accessing the windows explorer. This is usually caused by several factors, such as the partition is less than perfect, hard disk bad sectors, partition software bug, compatibilities file system, etc. One of the free software that can be used to repair a disk partition that is hidden is a Partition Find & Mount.

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