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Video card

A video card is an expansion card which generates a feed of output image to a display. Most video cards offers various function such as accelerated rendering of 3D scene and 2D graphics MPEG-2/MPEG-4 decoding, TV output or the ability to connect multiple monitor. Video hardware can be integrated into the motherboard or CPU.

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Best sound box

Designed for small home system series the X series consist of a powerful sub woofer and small satellites This sub woofer system is ideal for home movies and music entertainment. Rich sound and powerful bass makes it the ideal choice and excellent all range performer Built with several technologies such as fine con, fine box and e Airbass. for perfect sound production. Its output power 68 watt RMS. Power distributions 14 watt x 2 + 400 watt. Frequency response 30 Hz - 20 kHz. Separation 48dB. Input sensitivity 310mV. If you want to get this High quality box, You have need to choose a Micro-lab Sound Box (Just Listen). Some models of X series are X 15, X 16, X 16.2.1.

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View your computer information

You can view a summary of important information about your computer by opening system in control panel. You can see basic hardware information such as your computer's name and which edition of windows your computer is running you can change important system setting by clicking the links in the left pane of system. If you want to know about this just follow these-
Open system by clicking the Start button > Control panel > System and maintenance > System.

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Create a dummy files

Here are five ways to create a file that looks legitimate but is actually a dummy files. But why would you want to create a dummy files? Here are five reason for that:
1. Test hard drives - Detected bad sector on your hard drive by filling up free space with a dummy files.
2. Securely delete files - A deleted files can be can be recovered but by overwriting the free space with a dummy files will make it unrecoverable. 
3. Secure flash drive - Make your flash drive read only by filling up empty spaces and prevent virus infections. 
4. Test network speeds - While there are free utilities available to test network speeds, You can do so with a dummy files too.
5. Dummy files can also help you escape a deadline you have got to prepare a report or finish your by putting the blame on your faulty computer.  

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How to make a hidden files?

It is too easy for everyone. You can create it easily. Just follow this rules, 
1. At first create a new folder

2. Then go to the properties

3. Click on the Change icon button

4. Select the hidden icon

5. Then press OK and then apply and OK again.
6. After hidden your files then you have need to rename it and then not save the files name just Press alt+0160 

7. After doing that you can make it easily.

N.B: Where you will save that file in there if you can not find that file then press F5. You will find that easily.