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Windows XP Install

Windows XP is one of the good professional XP in this world from now. It is really easy to install into your computer . The best way install Windows XP is one of  the clean install. All version of windows XP CD are bootable. In order to boot from CD/DVD Rom you need to set the boot sequences. Please look at the boot sequence under your BIOS setup and make sure that the first boot device is set to CD/DVD-ROM. Its have some rules those are,

At first entire your windows CD in your CD or DVD drive, Then Restart your PC.You will press ESC continue. your PC should be identify  that CD. Please make sure you have the raid drivers on your floppy disk. Normally the drivers are supplied on your CD which you can copy to a floppy disk to ready for install. Press S  because you want to install your additional device. Then press Enter from your Key Board. After click enter you get some information then you will select your correct driver for your device and press Enter again. Then you get some information again then press R for repair. Since we are doing a new install of our windows we just press Enter to continue.

After repair you get some Terms and condition in that time you have need to press F8 for accept terms and condition and continue. After this work you have need to select your place where you want to install your windows. You have two partition to select your windows will be installed. Those are,
  • The first partition is C: drive (6000 MB) and 
  • The second partition is E: drive (2180 MB)
You can choose whatever size partition your like. But remember if you have 500 GB hard disc. You will get two partition of 250GB each.Then you can press C button to create your partition. You might be wondered what happened in the D: drive. Windows has automatically located D: drive to CD/DVD-ROM. Select partition drive 1 or C: drive and Enter. After this you have need to choose F for format the using for file system. Then you windows take to formatting in the C: drive and start copying set up file. After the setup has completed copying the files the computer will restart. Windows XP setup wizard will guide to through the setup process of gathering information about your Computer / PC. Then choose your Region and Language. Press Next. After press this Type your name and organization Press Next again. Enter your Product key. After this you can make you Administrator name and Password. If you not like this you can Skip this. After this enter your correct time, date and your time zone. For network setting you can choose typical network and press Next.

Finally windows will start with a welcome screen. Click Next for continue. Then protect for your PC choose turning on automatic updates now and press Next. After this you will press Next and Next again. After this function you have need to select your name just give your first Personal name. You will get a thank you message as a confirmation message. Then you have need to click on the Finish button for complete the set up. After your windows set up. You have to need to install the mother board's disc and other software.

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Install video player

Video player is one kinds of important things for your  computer . If you won't install this driver you can not see any video program in your  computer . We can see a lot of video player in this world. Some of them are GOM player, KM player, Winamp Player etc. If you install these player in your computer. Then you have to maintaining some rules. Those are, You have need to Double click on the KM player icon. Then click on the Run icon. Then Select your language English to press OK. After select your language press Next  -> I Agree -> then select all the system -> Install -> Finish.

If you will maintaining these rules you can install your video player successfully and safely. You can install all video players like this.

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Microsoft Word

Microsoft word is the most common word processor on the market. Because it is one of the document has become a great for text document. Microsoft office word used to create files and end up in PDF and HTML. In the Microsoft word 2000-2003 it drop down styles list allows you can create a heading as well as apply any previously created custom styles.  When the files exported to the HTML. It will retain the structure making it accessible to screen readers. The structure will also be retained when exported to PDF.

In this time Microsoft office word 2007 and later like as 2010 does a good job of encouraging the use of proper styles. Here it is too easy to change a block text, Just select the text and click one the appropriate style.

Microsoft office word 2007 and 2010 is one of the best Microsoft words in this world. These are really so great Microsoft words. So use this Microsoft office words and use these fluently.

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Install Software

Install software program can depend on the operating system being used and the program being installed. Please be sure your computer meets the requirements of the program, you are attempting to install. The manuals for the program or the readme file located in the same directory as the install commonly contain extract instructions to install program. After installing a program may need to install other programs before it is able to run. If this is the case, you  will install the program or you need to run a separate install before the program can be used fully.

When installing a program it is always a good idea first to close any other programs that are running. After installing a new program if it prompts you to reboot the computer, Please do it, Then you can install software successfully. We get this software from a CD. That are really needy things for a good PC.

If you want to set up or install the software please locate either a set up or install file. Double clicking on this file should start the installation for the program. then
  • click start and run.
  • In the run window type x:/set up or x:/install where x is the letter of drive you wish to start the installation form for example if you are attempting to install a program from the floppy disc drive you would type a:/ set up or a:/ install.
  • Many times this can be done by typing set up or install at the prompt to start the installation. If both of these commands or file name error message type .dir .bat .exe .com. If no files are listed when typing all three of the above commands it is possible that either you are incorrect directory or drive letter the program.

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Turn off your computer

If you want turn off your computer, you have need to maintain some rules also. That is depend on your windows. In this time we can see a lot of windows in this world. Just like as Windows XP, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 2002, 2003 etc for computer.

In the Windows XP you have to need to go the start menu. Then click on the Turn off icon. After click that icon you get a box where you can see three icons. thatch are,
  • Stand by
  • Turn off
  • Restart
In that time you will click on the Turn off Button. Then your computer will be shuted down normally and safely.

In the Windows 7 Ultimate You have to need to go to the start menu or the widows icon. Then you have to need to click on the shut down.

If you will follow this rules you can shut down you window safely and successfully.

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Turn on your computer

In this world, Everyone has his own  computer . But many of them can not turn on his  computer . If you want to turn on your  computer  then you have to need maintaining some rules.  computer  are,

At first find the "On Button / Power button". It probably looks like this,

When you will turn on your PC. The button will be lights up. After turn on your PC, There's often a light on the front that comes on.

If you face any problem, There are a few things for computer you can check that easily. Thatch are,
  • If you are using laptop, the battery might be flat,You have need to charge your laptop.
  • If you have a PC (Desktop) make sure that the plug of any other wires haven't become disconnected.
  • Ensure that the monitor turn on.
If you want to save your monitor from the Load-shedding then you have to need to buy an UPS or Surge Protector.