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How to Re-format your Hard Disk

It is one of the necessary information for everyone. You have need to know about this subject. If you want to do this Just follow this, At first Start up your computer and press the F10 key during boot at the beginning. If you do not want to do that. Then you can try this. Just start your computer from the start menu select
Start then Press All programs then Compaq and then select Compaq PC Tools Then select Compaq system Recovery or
Press Start > All program > Compaq > Compaq Presario PC tools > Compaq System Recovery or
Press Start > All Program > PC help and tools > Compaq system Recovery. Your Computer will restart then Press yes for Continue the restart.
The PC will Compaq system recovery. In this recovery programs have two method they are,
At first Destructive system Recovery computer
This method can remove your hard disk and remove any personal data or application. This is using for quick format. After click Advanced option from the first recovery screen shown Then press next for begin. That will have a final warning about data loss. Then Press Yes for this.
Second Non Destructive system Recovery for computer
This should restore the system without affecting the users data. This occurs normally when users accounts have been used and modified. Then Press Next The user is prompted to try system restore first. Then Press yes. After Press that you recovery will begin.

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