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Celluon magic cube

Korean company Celluon had developing virtual keyboards for every year and their latest product is Magic Cube, just a small box that fits in your hand yet provides a full size keyboard when needed. You can work with it freshly and gladly. Just on the Switch, Then sit it on a desk and it projects an image of a keyboard on to the surface in front of it. Tab the virtual keys and the corresponding characters are communicated wireless to any compatible device, from a laptop/computer  to the Smartphone. The principles involved are very simple, as the projection of the keyboard is just made by a little projector at the top of that box. 

At the bottom of the box beams of a good light are emitted just above the surface of the desk. As your fingers tap that surface they cut through this beam, which is reflected up to a camera in the middle of the box. The camera looking like the reflection and works out from its position that key when you have “Pressed”, news from the Sydney Morning Herald. Though the Magic Cube is clever so it is essentially just a very portable replacement for a real keyboard.

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