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Which browser is better

In this world we can see that everyone use computer and Internet. But in this time we can see that everybody use a browser as there like. It is depend on their mind. There are a lot of browser in this world now. Some of them are Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome, Netscape Navigator, Sea monkey, Safari, Internet Explore, Comodo Dragon, Avan Browser, Maxthon, Opera etc. Its are one kinds of famous browser in this world now. But its are not good at all. Firefox, Google chrome and Opera is the best browser in this world now. Internet Explore is a common browser. Every computer have this browser.

Browser is one of the needy subject for us. If we shall use internet we have need to use any browser, If we want to see any video or want to download the software, We have need to use these browser.Every browser of them are better. But if you want to use more better browser then you can use Firefox, Google chrome and Opera. Those are so better browser for using Internet.

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