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What is IP address

Everyone knows about IP Address who have computer and use internet. IP Address is one of the big subject for your computer. It is using for you security. An IP Address is one kind of fascinating product of modern computer technology design to allow for only one computer IP Address means Internet protocol. So IP address is one kinds of internet protocol address.

An internet protocol is one of the set rules of govern. internet activity. Therefore an internet protocol address is part of the systematically laid out interconnected grid that govern online. An IP address have only four numbers and four dots like as 180.49.146. It is very important for you to know about this IP address. If you want to know about IP address of your computer Just visit computer . It is one kinds of security for you. So everyone need to know about this IP Address. Anyone can find you with this IP address. 

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  1. Ip-address is known as Internet Protocol...Every ISP provider give unique ip-address...If you get broadband connection.They will assign you ip address...so that you can identify on the internet using the ip-address....To check then Ip-address use the site www.ip-details.com