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Turn off your computer

If you want turn off your computer, you have need to maintain some rules also. That is depend on your windows. In this time we can see a lot of windows in this world. Just like as Windows XP, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 2002, 2003 etc for computer.

In the Windows XP you have to need to go the start menu. Then click on the Turn off icon. After click that icon you get a box where you can see three icons. thatch are,
  • Stand by
  • Turn off
  • Restart
In that time you will click on the Turn off Button. Then your computer will be shuted down normally and safely.

In the Windows 7 Ultimate You have to need to go to the start menu or the widows icon. Then you have to need to click on the shut down.

If you will follow this rules you can shut down you window safely and successfully.

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