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Turn on your computer

In this world, Everyone has his own  computer . But many of them can not turn on his  computer . If you want to turn on your  computer  then you have to need maintaining some rules.  computer  are,

At first find the "On Button / Power button". It probably looks like this,

When you will turn on your PC. The button will be lights up. After turn on your PC, There's often a light on the front that comes on.

If you face any problem, There are a few things for computer you can check that easily. Thatch are,
  • If you are using laptop, the battery might be flat,You have need to charge your laptop.
  • If you have a PC (Desktop) make sure that the plug of any other wires haven't become disconnected.
  • Ensure that the monitor turn on.
If you want to save your monitor from the Load-shedding then you have to need to buy an UPS or Surge Protector.

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