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Install Software

Install software program can depend on the operating system being used and the program being installed. Please be sure your computer meets the requirements of the program, you are attempting to install. The manuals for the program or the readme file located in the same directory as the install commonly contain extract instructions to install program. After installing a program may need to install other programs before it is able to run. If this is the case, you  will install the program or you need to run a separate install before the program can be used fully.

When installing a program it is always a good idea first to close any other programs that are running. After installing a new program if it prompts you to reboot the computer, Please do it, Then you can install software successfully. We get this software from a CD. That are really needy things for a good PC.

If you want to set up or install the software please locate either a set up or install file. Double clicking on this file should start the installation for the program. then
  • click start and run.
  • In the run window type x:/set up or x:/install where x is the letter of drive you wish to start the installation form for example if you are attempting to install a program from the floppy disc drive you would type a:/ set up or a:/ install.
  • Many times this can be done by typing set up or install at the prompt to start the installation. If both of these commands or file name error message type .dir .bat .exe .com. If no files are listed when typing all three of the above commands it is possible that either you are incorrect directory or drive letter the program.

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