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Windows 8

Microsoft office confirm 6th December that Windows 8 will be release in February, 2012. Microsoft company announce this news in the San Francisco developers event Tuesday, 6th December, where Antoine Le blond, vice president of Windows Web services, touted Windows Store for application designed to run in Windows 8 new interface. Windows Store will open in the public at the same time Windows 8 beta ships, a Microsoft spokeswoman said. When Microsoft has yet to talk about an official launch date for Windows 8, the beta's timing hints at a fall 2012, the company will making Windows 8 final development and testing as it will doing like as Windows 7. 

Windows 7 first developer oriented release was at the end of October 2008. Microsoft offered a public beta of the operating system in January 2009, and the final version realesed in the third week of October, 2009. 

Although Windows 8 will appear a month later in the February instead of January, Its Developer Preview launched a month earlier, in the mid of the September rather than Windows 7, October, perhaps making the two schedules in a wash. At the same Tuesday event, Microsoft said more than 3 million copies of the Windows 8 Developer Preview had been downloaded since it was released in the September 13. 

That has been enough to register in some Web sites. Last month, according to California based Net Applications, Windows 8 accounted for three hundred of 1% of all personal computers that accessed the Internet or about one-fourth the number of Windows 2000 powered PC, and half again as many as ran the even older Windows 98. Microsoft said nothing in 6th December about the feature set customers can expect to see in the beta, or what day in February it would appear on the company's download servers. During the Windows 8's beta test stretch, only free apps will be allowed in the Windows Store. Whose judges will select eight apps to feature during the store's beta run. The deadline for submitting a Metro app to the contest in January 8, 2012. Microsoft will also extend invitations to other developers to create content for the Windows Store in February.

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