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Make a folder

Folder is one of the most important subject for a  computer  / PC. If you want to make the folder you can create it easily. Just follow these rules. Click the right button of your mouse. Then go to that icon-> New. Then you get a box again. in that box. Look at the first icon where you get a name called Folder.

Click on that icon you get a New Folder. You can save your files here. You can change this file's name. If you want change your Folder's name. You can change in the making time or if you not select in the first time. Then take your cursor on your folder and click the right button of your mouse and select Rename. If you follow this rules you can create a lot of folders only for save your files.

You also can change your folder icons/image. Only for that, At first take your cursor on the folder icon and click on the right button of your mouse. Then go to the Properties and select Customize. After select Customize click on the Change Icon... and select anyone from those icons and press OK. After press OK, click Apply and OK.

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