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Update your Computer

computer  is one of the important tools for everyone in this world. Sometime it is looking so old and its functions are also old. If you want to update your  computer , please follow these rules. If your hard drives lacks free space. Then you have need to upgrade to a larger drive. Check how much space you have left by right clicking the hard drive icon to use the "C" drive and selecting "Properties." After selecting the properties you will get information about that folder. If your  computer  is running slow, you may need to upgrade your processor or the RAM. If your system only has on CD drive, consider to replacing it with a DVD drive. If you watch videos and listen to music or play any games on your  computer  , consider upgrading your video or audio cards. If you want to upgrading your software simply insert the disc and follow the installation rules. If you're installing new hardware, investigate if your upgrade can be do it on yourself projects. If you will maintaining these rules you can make your PC nice and fast.

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