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How to choose the best Hard drive?

Find out the various type of hard drive and which type is most suitable for your system. A hard drive is a storage place where you install and store all your programs and data. Generally, the bigger the capacity, the more data you can store. The main difference between the hard drive and  computer  RAM is that computer RAM contains only volatile data, which means all the data is lost when the power is switched off while hard drive can be used to store permanent data. These solid state drives are the ones to beat in the SSD world at the moment. The last generation SSDs were capable of 280/270MB/s but the new drives are capable of 550-500MB/s, in other words, double the speed of last generation. This equates to sub -10 second Windows load times and also sub-5 second game load times. That's blazingly fast performance with no bottleneck. Expected data speeds of 1Gb/s+ once a RAID array is set up. 

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