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How to change the CPU case, Monitor and Controls?

The  computer  case is a container where all the  computer  parts are assembled and contained. There are various types of cases for different type of motherboard size it is also known as form factor. How big a case is will depend on your motherboard size and the number of computer hardware you are putting in.  computer  monitor receives information from the graphics card and display them on the screen. There are mainly two types of monitor used for  computer  system, CRT and LCD monitor. CRT monitor used to be the standard for  computer  monitor. However, with the advancement in technology, LCD monitor has gradually replaced its CRT counterpart to become the choice for most  computer . The keyboard and the mouse are the only devices that allow you to interact with the  computer . Not all keyboards and mouse are made the same. Some of them are specially designed for gamer. Find out more in the keyboard quide and mouse quide.

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