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How can I change my Ip Address?

IP address means Internet protocol address. It is one of the important things for everyone. Everyone needed to know about this internet protocol address. If you will fall on danger for your Ip address, then you have needed to change this. You can change it any time. Just follow these rules.

Rules - 1

If you want to change your Ip address then, Press start menu and go to run program and type cmd, Press OK. Then type “ipconfig/release” and press Enter. Then type “ipconfig/renew” and press Enter again.

Rules - 2

computer connected directly to the modem. Press start menu > Run > type cmd. After get a box type “ipconfig/release” and then shut down your computer. Turn off all switches, cable and DSL modem. Leave Off overnight and then turn everything back on

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  1. Informative blog useful for those who are not aware about how to change the ip address ...I followed the steps which you mentioned here and easily changed my ip address ..Then i visited sites like to find my present network ip address ...