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How to build a gaming Computer?

It is too easy for everyone. Everyone can build a gaming  computer . If you want to build your gaming computer, then you do not need to have a  computer  degree or be a gaming computer expert to build one. From here you will get a lot of information to build your gaming  computer . Building your own computer  is much better and cheaper than buying a brand new  computer  off  the shelf. Your computer  retailer will never want you to learn the skill of building your own  computer , as that means no more sales for them. Stop paying high price for your gaming  computer  . Just need to follow these rules, you will be building your own gaming  computer  in no time. For building a gaming  computer  you have need to change some parts and how can you change that. Those information's are-

1. How to choose the best CPU?
2. How to choose the best motherboard?
3. How to choose the best RAM?
4. How to choose the best Graphics Card? 

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